San Juan del Sur, a fishing village, is the most tourist-visited beach town on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Located in the southwestern department of Rivas, it is approximately an hour and a half from Managua's International Airport and twenty kilometers from the Costa Rican border.

The horseshoe-shaped bay has calm, blue waters and is surrounded by mountains, all of which make San Juan del Sur a natural and uncommon location. The village, established more than 150 years ago, has a particular flare in its identity. Full of culture and tradition, it offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes, in addition to its local food market.


The quality service and low-priced real estate are benefits that only a town like San Juan del Sur can provide. The need for luxury homes and apartments is growing exponentially alongside the influx of tourists with high purchasing power. This has created demand for a comprehensively planned, safe, exclusive, tranquil luxury experience in this tucked away haven.
Together, San Juan del Sur's church, port, fishing traditions, and a large number of pristine nearby beaches all create a unique and attractive experience for those who wish to vacation in a quaint village that quickly feels like home.





La Santa Maria is a completely innovative and singularly exclusive concept where the once acclaimed Barlovento Hotel used to operate.

More than forty years ago, the Barlovento Hotel was built on a high summit overlooking the center of San Juan del Sur's bay. Thanks to its privileged location, the property offers a pleasant climate and the most spectacular views of the village and ocean. The location creates a breathtaking escape, while still allowing guests to walk just a short distance into town to enjoy everything San Juan del Sur offers.

The hotel quickly became the most emblematic site in San Juan del Sur. It is remembered by celebrities who visited Nicaragua in the past for fishing tournaments, executive meetings, and celebrations. The hotel had all the comforts of the era and sported beautiful rose gardens that have yet to be forgotten. The village locals remember it with affection and nostalgia for its elegance, luxury, and prestige. The Hotel Barlovento left behind a string of picturesque characters, love stories and family memories for both locals and guests.